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Working with the top advertising agency has its ups and downs and yesterday was a major down. Asking someone to help you with something is hell sometimes but then again I DO WORK WITH BITCHES.

One document has really taken us round and I’m so not going to kiss arse so that things can get done. I was not raised like that.

In other news the boss told everyone that he’s leaving and people are sad but as for me I’m happy that he’s going for greener pastures. He’s done a great job so far and I wish him all the best. Now to plan his farewell party.


boss leaving and other things


OK so the boss is leaving for India for good and the team had a cook out at his house yesterday. I’m sure they had loads of fun. Only thing is that the team doesn’t know and  good thing is that they do not know that i blog….yet. The new guy is here skinny as the Kisii sugarcane and the team doesn’t even know that too…sigh.

In other news my weekend was great spent it indoors. I shall be travel ling with Tony to his shags this weekend with his grandma. The fact that he’s invited me to see his shags is a great honour and also he wants me to cook at his simba. That’s an honour. I’m looking forward to it.

My girl Tracy got engaged on Saturday…yay and I’m so happy for her.



thats how i see it


wishes are worthles

men will promise love

but i don’t believe a word of it

a smart woman takes control of her life

we can’t change our fate

wishes are wealth

without wishes a rich man is no better than a beggar

please enlighten me


You act like an angel,

but you kiss like a witch.

What else don’t I know about you

Tempting me isn’t something you need to work very hard at right now

Every blade of grass has an angel watching over it, whispering,




mr love em

and leave em

ready to settle down

the need


I don’t  want a fling

I want forever

marriage, house, kids

something that’s not on your radar

you’ll only hurt me more if you stick around

Leaving before things got too heavy,

too serious,

too emotional had seemed like a good idea.

minor setback moving on swiftly


in so many ways i though i was home

but you changed that in a blink of an eye

you had restired so manythings in my life

but you changed that in a blink of an eye

i loved you intensly

but you changed that in a blink of an eye

my trust for you was beyond any human comparison

but you changed that in a blink of an eye

all the years that i’ve been faith to you

feels wasted in minutes

in as much as we’re back togethor

im afraid

im uncertain

i have no more trust

though you have to earn it

my heart is completely shartered

it will take alot of time for it to be restored

i just don’t know what the future holds

but time will tell

as for now just know

you have changed me not for good

but for the better

im no longer naive

im always on the look our

suspicious of every little thing

don’t blame it on me

you brought it on yourself

but lets see how this phase goes